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How chemical companies choose fire fighting foam

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With the unanimous emphasis of the state and the people on fire protection work, there are more and more types of fire extinguishing agents equipped by China's fire brigades. The most commonly used ones are roughly divided into five categories and more than ten varieties. The performance of different types and different types of fire extinguishing agents are different, and if used blindly, it may cause counterproductive results and greater losses. Therefore, firefighters make correct choices based on the nature, state, burning time, wind direction and wind of the burning material in the fire field, and ensure the supply intensity to ensure that the effectiveness of the fire extinguishing agent can be fully exerted. So, what are the differences between different fire extinguishing agents on fire extinguishing? And listen to the explanation of Zhejiang Jinruiheng Fire Fighting Specialty: It is well known that substances that can effectively destroy the combustion conditions in the combustion zone to suppress or stop the combustion are called fire extinguishing agents. Generally, we have some basic requirements for fire extinguishing agents, such as high efficiency, easy access, basically harmless to humans and objects, and low cost. At present, the most commonly used fire extinguishing agents are water, foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder, and haloalkane fire extinguishing agents. Today, Zhejiang Jinruiheng Fire Fighting mainly shares fire extinguishing foam with fire extinguishing agents.