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Jiangsu Jiangya Fire Fighting Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a NEEQ listed company (stock code: 833236). The department specializes in the research, development, production and operation of fire pharmacy, fire equipment, and fire clothing. It is a new comprehensive company integrating science, industry and trade.
This company is located in the Jiangdu Brick Bridge on the eastern outskirts of the ancient city of Yangzhou. There are 110 employees in the company, including 11 undergraduates and 19 junior colleges; 2 senior engineers, 5 engineers, 3 economists, 3 assistant engineers, 3 assistant economists, and 6 technicians. The factory covers an area of over 30,000 square meters, and the house covers an area of 12,000 square meters.

Jiangya Fire

Specializing in the research, development, production and operation of fire pharmacy, fire equipment, fire clothing

Enterprise management, process equipment and production capacity:
I. The company complies with GB / T19001-2016 "Quality Management System Requirements", CCCF-MHSB-05 "Implementation Rules for Compulsory Product Certification-Fire Extinguishing Agent Products", CCC Product Certification "Requirements for Factory Quality Assurance Ability", China Classification Society Management Established a documented management system in accordance with the 2011 “Requirements for the Professional Quality Management System of Marine Product Manufacturers”, GB / T24001-2016 “Environmental Management System Requirements and Use Guidelines” and GB / T28001-2011 “Occupational Health and Safety Management System Specifications” And passed the certification of China Classification Society quality certification company. The system continues to operate normally, effectively, and in compliance with standards.
2. The laboratory is equipped with a complete set of testing instruments and equipment for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in accordance with the national standards of related products, which can meet the technical requirements for product production control and inspection.
3. The company has an existing production line of film-forming foam fire extinguishing agent with an annual design capacity of 6,500 tons. An anti-solvent foam fire extinguishing agent production line with an annual design capacity of 4500 tons. A high-power foam fire extinguishing agent production line with an annual design capacity of 4500 tons. A synthetic foam fire extinguishing agent production line with an annual design capacity of 3,500 tons. In 1985, the economic consortium was established with the Tianjin Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security after approval by the relevant higher authorities; since 1986, the company has joined China Fire Protection The association, the Mine Rescue Professional Committee of the Ministry of Coal Industry, the Shanghai Fire Protection Association of the Ministry of Communications, and the Jiangsu Fire Protection Association have become collective members. It has been rated as a "contract-honoring and trustworthy" enterprise by Yangzhou City for 29 consecutive years; it was rated as a Star Enterprise of Yangzhou City in 1998; in April 2011, it was awarded the AA-level enterprise credit rating certificate issued by the China Fire Protection Association; and participated in 1987 The Sino-Japanese joint fire test, the products provided were rated as high-quality products; in 1993, when the Nanjing Refinery of Jinling Petrochemical Company fire was extinguished, it was rated as an active unit by the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government and the Jiangsu Military Region. He also participated in the rescue of major fire accidents such as the 150,000 ton storage tank accident in Yizheng on August 8, 2006, and the Jingjiang Deqiao warehouse on April 22, 2016. All products of the company have obtained the China National Compulsory Product Certification (3C Certificate) issued by the Fire Product Conformity Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security in accordance with relevant regulations. Foam fire extinguishing agent products were approved by China Classification Society's factory.

The company's products are: 1%, 3%, 6% aqueous film-forming foam fire extinguishing agent; 3%, 6% anti-solvent water-forming foam fire extinguishing agent; 3%, 6% anti-solvent foam fire extinguishing agent; 6% medium multiples Foam fire extinguishing agent; 3%, 6% high multiple foam fire extinguishing agent; 3%, 6% synthetic foam fire extinguishing agent; Class A foam fire extinguishing agent; the company's newly developed 6% multifunctional foam fire extinguishing agent, propylene oxide special fire extinguishing agent All the performance indicators have passed the national fixed fire extinguishing system and the refractory component quality supervision and inspection center to verify that all performance indicators meet the standard requirements. In recent years, the company's products have been used in the transportation industry, major ports, public security fire brigade, post-PLA, important national defense facilities, civil aviation and aviation oil, Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, coal and other units. The products are widely sold in the country. Nearly a thousand user units in many provinces, cities and autonomous regions, and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions.